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Learning from my Dystonia

Learning from my Dystonia
Photo by Shahadat Rahman / Unsplash

Even though my Dystonia is not simply a manifestation of stress, it's symptoms do get amplified by stress.

And in the same way that a microphone can allow a whisper to fill a room, my Dystonia allows every hint of stress to be heard. When you pay attention and listen carefully there is much to learn.

An unpleasant way to be for sure, but also an invitation to discover the things that move me in positive and negative ways.

I am now a free-thinking free-agent with space in my thoughts to be present. That is the silver-lining precious gift that unemployment caused by debilitating ill health has given me.

I can now listen to my gut, listen to my heart, listen to the painful tension In my dystonic neck when it flairs up.

If I listen to the somatic symptoms and what they are trying to tell me, generally it is telling me that something I am doing or something that is happening is out of alignment with my values or is triggering something important that I need to pay attention to.