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My H.E.L.P. Framework for Maximum Impact and a Stronger Practice.

My H.E.L.P. Framework for Maximum Impact and a Stronger Practice.
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Here’s my H.E.L.P. Framework for making a bigger difference for your clients and a better practice for you. Win-win!

(Btw sharing is cool as long as you attribute me as the author).

H is for Holistic

Take a holistic approach to your clients' health concerns, addressing the root cause and perpetuating factors while providing solutions for overall wellbeing.

Holistic doesn’t just mean treating the whole person and it doesn’t require involvement of alternative therapies which you don’t believe in.

But it does mean being collaborative and it means recognising that you cannot and should not be the sole source of support for your patient.

They themselves should be part of their own package of support, along with family, friends, peer groups, and other relevant health and helping professionals.

If you can include or suggest other forms of support beyond what you can personally provide then you are sharing the load and helping your client to build a strong resilient support team around them. One that is not overly dependent on yourself.

H is also for HOPE and there’s no greater gift you can give your new client than a genuine belief that there is a positive path forward and beyond the challenging situation they find themselves in. Ultimately this is what your clients are seeking HOPE for a better or less troubled life.

E is for Engagement

Engage with your clients on a personal level, creating a connection and building trust in your expertise but also encouraging your clients to share their own lived experience back to you to help you make the best recommendations.

Engaging your patients in the whole health journey is treating them with the highest respect and demonstrating you see then as valued partners in the process.

When you think like this concepts such as ‘compliance’ should be irrelevant because you and your patient have figured out together through discussion and consensus agreement what will be most helpful and acceptable in the context of the unique values and circumstances of your patient.

E is also about Educating and any session is a great opportunity to provide some takeaway reading or homework to help your client lift themselves up.

L is for Leverage

Leverage your knowledge and experience gained over many years of professional practice by turning tacit knowledge (stuck in your head) into explicit knowledge (physically existing and shareable).

This is hugely valuable to you in building an online presence and a brand which positions you as a ‘trusted partner in care of X’, and also simplifies your future work by giving you take-home or downloadable resources that compliment your session work.

Don’t reinvent the wheel over and over. Make your own branded content and you elevate your own brand while elevating your clients perception of the quality of service you provide.

P is for Products

However great you are as a clinician you face three major limiting factors.

Firstly, you cannot be available 24/7 and secondly you cannot be available when you are sick, on holiday, when your appointment book is full and ultimately when you retire.

A third major issue for your personal income is that any day you don’t work is a day you don’t earn any income. That is a trap that becomes a prison.

But if you can spend some time turning your knowledge into digital information products that appeal to your audience you can solve all of these issues.

The products you create (a short report, an ebook, a course, a set of videos etc) can be sold as standalone self help products or as part of a larger support package which includes your guidance.

Sell them while you sleep and make passive income. Or hand them out for free as a value add and an actually useful piece of marketing collateral which can be shared to other future clients.

The H.E.L.P framework emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to health, personal engagement with clients, leveraging your expertise to build your brand, and productising your knowledge to reach a wider audience.

By adopting my HELP framework, a health practitioner or other wellbeing consultant can promote their services more effectively, attract their ideal clients, and generate greater revenue online.

This is just a small component of some much more extensive work I’ve done on improving consumer experiences in mental health care while also delivering tangible benefit to you as the provider as well.

Let me know what you think and if you would like me to go deeper into anything mentioned here.